Todays vast amount of knowledge including Geology defines some functions as to why Allah(God) created mountains and hills on Earth, these functions were foretold by the Holly Quran over 1400 years ago;

In the name of Allah most gracious most merciful

And We have placed in the Earth firm hills lest it quake with them .

Allah indeed speaks the truth

REFERENCE: Chapter (The Prophits) part of verse "31"

The following is an answer from Nasa confirming this scientific fact:

Subject: Re: Do mountains contribute to the Earths crust stabalization Date: Tue, 9 Dec 1997 02:53:21 -0500 From: (Clark R. Wilson) To:

Yes - in the sense that most mountains are low density material, relative to surrounding stuff, and therefore represent a more stable physical configuration - low density over high density - than the situation where high density material overlies low density (in whichcase the buoyant tendency is for the low density stuff to pop to the surface.

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Earth stabalising hills act as a wedge . There are many verses in the holy Quran that emphasise the notion of the mountains as stakes or wedges. this word(watad) however translated be it as stakes or as wedges means the stake that anchor a tent in the ground .If you refer to the book written by Dr Maurice Bucaille( french scientest) titeled, The Bible The Quran and Science, pages 190 and 191 you will find the fallowing qoutes,

"The continents were probably a single mass at the end of the primary era, then subsequently broke apart"

"It is upon this skin(Earth's crust), as it were, that all geological phenomna have taken place.At the origin of these phenomena are folds that were to form mountain ranges; their formation is called (orogenises)the process is of considerable importance because with the development of a relief that was to constiute a mountain, the Earth's crust was driven in proportionally far down: this process ensures a foundation in the layer that underlies it. Modern geologists describe the folds in the Earth as giving foundations to the mountains, and their dimensions go from roughly one mile to 10 miles. The stability of the Earth's crust results from the phenomena of these folds." page 192 and after qouting verses[79:32] & [31,10]&[21,31] "Thes verses express the idea that the way the mountains are laid out ensures stability and it is in complete agreement with geological data".