Allah (the creater) states in the Quran that only those with knowledge will understand his signs.

There are reported to be more than 900 (nine hundred) verses in the Holly Quran as related to relatively new scientific descoveries which were miraculasly stated as facts over 1400 years ago. as to mention some of these: *1)The Reduction of matter from the Earth's edges

*2)The Rounded shape of the Earth

*3)The developement of babys growth in a mothers womb

*4)The big bang theory

*5)The ending of sensation at the embeimishment of skin at which the nerves end

*6)The fact that the earth and the moon are moving each in its own path

*7)The fact that the light from the moon is a mere reflection of the light from the sun

*8)There are three types of rain clouds and the Quran describes each in detail such as raining process and cloud shapes and after effects such as the growth of evoluting shaped plants

*9)The womb enveloping a baby consists of three layers

*10)Allah swears by the positioning of the stars which draws attention to the fact that their positioning is critical

*11)The Quran emplys that mountains are their as a wedge for the earth

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Expansion on each topic and refrences

*1)Ref for earth reduction:
*2) Ref rounded earth:
*3)Ref :

There is more truth from the life history of prophet mohamed's life (pbuh)

Prophit Mohammed (pbuh) stated that he was the final messenger and prophit of Allah the creator (bth) supported by the quran which obliges all muslims to belive in the onness of the creator and All his prophits and messengers from and including Adam,Noah,Abrahim, Jaiqub, Josif ,Moses, Jesus,Mohammed.

Mohammed (pbuh)came from the very noble hashimy family which is linked to the tree of All prophits families and He (pbuh)could have acceptd the tempting offer presented to him by the rich heads and leaders of his people and that is to stop delivering his message and get any thing he wanted including leadership power and wealth but