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The muslim Holy book(The Quran), stated over 1400 years ago that you will know its meaning after some time.Today science has just explained the meaning of some of these Quranic verses.Allah(The Creater) states in the Quran that only those with knowledge will (understand his signs thus) fear his displeasure.

There are reported to be more than 900 (Nine Hundred) verses in the Holy Quran as related to relatively new scientific discoveries which were miraculously stated as facts over 1400 years ago. As to mention some of these:

*1)The Reduction of matter from the Earth's outer layers

*2)The Rounded shape of the Earth

*3)The development of baby's growth in a mother's womb

*4)The Big Bang theory

*5)The ending of sensation at the erosion of skin at which the nerves end

*6)The fact that the sun and the moon are moving each in its own orbital path

*7)The fact that the light from the moon is a mere reflection of the light from the sun

*8)There are three types of rain clouds and the Quran describes each in detail such as raining process and cloud shapes and after effects such as the growth of evoluting shaped plants

*9)The womb enveloping a baby consists of three layers

*10)Allah swears by the positioning of the stars which draws attention to the fact that their positioning is critical

*11)The Quran implys that mountains are their as an anchor for the earth

*12)The Quran States that the Universe is Expanding

*13)The Quran predicts Space Exploration

*14)The Quran states where the lowest point on Earth is

For references to any of the above facts please click on the corresponding number bellow:

Expansion on each topic and references

*1) Ref.: Earth reduction:
*2) Ref.: Spherical earth:
*3)Ref. : Baby Development:
*4)Ref : Big Bang:
*5)Ref : Skin Sensation:
*6)Ref : Orbit Path:
*7)Ref : Light is from Sun not Moon:
*8)Ref : Rain Clouds:
*9)Ref : Womb layers:
*10)Ref: Positioning of Stars:
*11)Ref: Mountains Functions:
*12)Ref: Expanding Universe:
*13)Ref: Space Conquest:
*14)Ref: lowest point on Earth:

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There is more proof to Islam's truth from prophet Mohammed's life (Peace Be Upon Him):-

Prophit Mohammed (pbuh) stated that he was the final messenger and prophet of Allah. Supported by the Quran which obliges all Muslims to believe in the oneness of the creator and All his prophets and messengers, including prominent prophets names such as Adam, Noah, Abraham, Jaiqub, Joseph , Moses, Jesus and Mohammed (peace be upon them all).

Mohammed (pbuh) came from the very noble hashimy family which is linked to the tree of All prophets families .

The prophet (pbuh) could have accepted the tempting offer presented to him by the rich heads and leaders of his people and that is to stop preaching his message and get any thing he desired including leadership, power and wealth.

But He (pbuh) said his infamous words "if they place the sun on my right and the moon on my left to leave this message, even then I wouldn't". This led to their prosecution and torture physically. This varied from being starved for days at a time to living in extreme poor conditions in the desert.

However, this has not diminished the persistence of the prophet (pbuh) to preaching the message of Allah the creator of heaven and earth and all men kind.This sacrifice and many others such as worshipping and praying very late at night even while people are asleep until his feet suffered from bruises proves his belief in the message he was preaching.

Many more miracles were perfomed at the hands of this Noble and final prophet of Allah(God), including minor ones like blessing small amounts of food to feed many people, and surviving a poisning attempt when poison was placed in his food from which one of his partners died, to major miracles like the splitting of the moon into two parts, and, ascending to heaven from Alaqsa mosque in Jeurusalem and back to Mecca in Saudi Arabia in the same night.

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